About me

Gil Beja

UX focused.

Gil who?

Beja, not Beha or Beya... It's a city in Portugal, but I'm an Israeli. Complete with the Israeli go-getter mentality and lack of filters. I've got a real passion for interface design and UX in general, and am a strong believer in innovation and tailor-made solutions.



UX/UI/PM Consultant
Freelance, working mainly with defense industries and tech companies, providing completedesign solutions, project management and development support.


Product Designer
Overhauled all printer interfaces while creating new software for PolyJet (full color) 3D printers.


Product Designer
Conceptualized interfaces for the company’s new “Navigator” suite of products while also participating in an effort to overhaul the entire product’s interface.


Director of Product Development. UX.
Managed the development of all digital assets, launched an app that caters to a rising number of users (currently 10,000+), actively buying products through the app both on mobile and desktop.


UX Expert.
Was part of a successful product team, delivering a revolutionary product for NOCs (Network Operations Centers) that cuts time to remediation by 80% and guarantees more uptime.


VP Product Management
An app for real-world gatherings, providing a shared digital toolbox to users. developed and showed at the iCon convention in Israel.


UX Architect
In charge of concept creation and validation, and digital eco-system building. Was involved with many high profile clients and delivered systems that are being used today.

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