Event Correlation and Automation platform, powered by AIOps. It helps IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams to prevent outages and lower operational costs.

Usability Testing


The main challenge in this project was to provide users with action-supporting information, allowing them to maintain optimal systems uptime. The information flow could be overwhelming if not presented correctly.

User Needs

NOCs need to be able to deal with & prevent downtime by maintaining network resources and integrity. In medium to large organizations, they are being bombarded with 1000s of individual Alerts on a daily basis. These Alerts are often connected and ce be consolidated to Events that have a common Root Cause, making dealing with them much more efficient. NOC managers want to have Analytics tools and get Insights from the system, to help with preventative maintenance as well.

The Process

Working with our Design Partners (Intel, GAP, WIX and more) we conducted interviews with NOC personnel, and internal BigPanda developers. We prototyped and got client feedback in meetings on a regular basis to save development times, while implementing feature requirements from the road map.

The Concept

We created a 0-inbox type interface that is action-oriented and allows Assigning events, Resolving, Sharing and more. Users can also investigate events and find more correlations or optimize existing ones. The system is designed to allow great freedom of configuration and support different workflows.

The analytics section provides easy to understand data and insights, and allows exporting reports

Expanding the data on each alert helps investigators find the Root Cause

Activity feed helps to keep track of an event and collaborate with colleagues

Integrations are very important in this field and are the first step in setting up BigPanda
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