A SaaS Cloud-Based threat detection & management system, against enterprise network breach and data exfiltration. Continuously scans communications from and to “adversary servers”, and maps the organization’s vulnerabilities.



I was hired to transform an existing system that was being perceived by potential customers as “shady” (client’s words) and unintuitive. The goal was to create a better understanding of the product and user trust, while improving usability.

User Needs

SOC personnel monitor ongoing threats, breaches & vulnerabilities in the organization, in order to protect its assets and data. 

The Process

Interviews with stakeholders - Founders, Threat researchers & End Users, Which allowed me to:
  • Understand user pains.
  • Establish user workflows.
  • Distinguish between different threat types.
  • Map organization security layers.
Research to gain an understanding of Threat Detection vertical and competitor analysis.

The Concept

SOCs are dealing with an overwhelming amount of events on a daily basis, they need to perform triage and to prioritize the most important ones. To answer this need, I came up with the Radar concept, which visualizes the severity of breaches. The layout is action oriented, allowing for quick decision making. A quick drill-down interface allows users to investigate the threat,  assign it to team members and formulate a solution.

The Threat Radar, graphically highlights the severity of threats

Quick view an event by hovering

Click on an event to see its full details and take action

Widgets to be used in dashboards and reflected on other apps

The original interface that the client had

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