A lead exchange platform for real-estate agents coupled with management and collaboration tools to create an eco-system for professionals.

A first of its kind platform that allows agents to pick and choose leads. wherever and whenever they want.
The system shows available leads in the agent's territory, and provides lightweight CRM and research modules to complete the toolset.


I was hired as a Director of Product Development to lead the R&D team. I was tasked with conceptualizing the system and its workflows, And to oversee development for Desktop and Mobile platforms.

User Needs

Real Estate agents are working on commission. They want to maximize income by taking the best leads and nurturing them to a complete deal. 

The Process

I relocated to California for this project. Learned the local real estate market, Interviewed Real Estate professionals and Lead Vendors. During development, I created a small group of “design partners” (Realtors) that helped me tune the product to the customer’s needs.

The Concept

I created a Marketplace which aggregated qualified leads in an agent’s territory and made them accessible and comparable. Different Lead Vendors competed for the agent’s attention and money in this marketplace. Agents could review leads and manage their opportunities, follow up and report Closed Deals. They would be rewarded for buying leads and completing deals and they could also sell excess leads to other agents.
I also created marketing material for the company including websites & mobile apps

The "Referral Radar", The main marketplace for buying leads

A special website for appraising assets' value

Quick "At a Glance" view of a property

The main website for SetSchedule

Mobile App

Agent's Dashboard

Team Management Interface

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