Impact Navigator

An independent Incrementality testing platform that marries machine learning and business data to give clients an accurate reading of their Return-on-Ad-Spend from different tactics



To introduce a new concept for ROI testing in Ad-Tech. The challenge here was to help users understand the benefits of the product, create trust in the system and to simplify the workflow.

User Needs

Decision makers in the organization need to strategize their spending to maximize profits with limited resources. They need help deciding how to allocate their budget… This product can help forecast the effectiveness of spending based on existing performance data.

The Process

Working on this product involved a lot of talks with Data Scientists over Mathematics and Algorithms… and the major role I saw in it is to make the product more accessible. I overhauled the workflow and simplified it step by step, and shortened it until it became clear enough to be usable by C-level execs who could pick a testing strategy and approve it quickly.

The Concept

Catering to two different personas, I created an interface that facilitated collaboration between Data Scientists/Analysts and their C-level decision maker. The Data person would configure the system and inject data, and then proceed to mark viable testing strategies that the system suggests (and sometimes fine tuning them too). They would present the options to the decision maker in one easy to understand screen, which will allow them to launch the test. They can both monitor the test in real time and take action as necessary.

Sugested tests are prepopulated to help users get started...

An easy to filter list with test strategies that shows impotant, comparable information

A Proccessing screen, communicating to the users that the system is calculating the best options

Integrations Manager, for Data Scientists to provide data streams

Advanced view for Data Analysts, allowing fine tuning of a test strategy

A running test screen displays current results and insights.

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